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It is my immense pleasure to state that I am very much lucky to have spent time with my gurus, getting their lots of love and blessings and learning music through the traditional way of ‘Guru Sishya Parampara’ in India and realized that it is the single way to learn and explore Indian Classical Music.

I have been actively engaged in online teaching through Skype for last few years, I have been getting queries from people outside India, who wish to learn the technique of Indian Slide Classical Guitar, Mohan Veena and how to play Indian Classical Music with this instrument. I feel that ‘Guru Sishya Parampara’ is not only the best way but also the single way to learn if it’s long distance.

If you are interested to learn & realize Indian Classical Music with Indian Slide Classical Guitar, Mohan Veena through Online Classes, you can Contact me.

Call : (+91) 94327 08086

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